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Natasha Kathlene Photography

At Natasha Kathlene Photography we know your wedding day is important, it’s the day you proclaim to the world that you love each other and you want to be together forever

“We do everything possible to ensure that your wedding is a special day! We know you need your photography to be carefully captured and documented so you can share the pictures for years to come”. 

We value your wedding as if you were our own family, and we want to be there for each special moment, from your wedding day to all the precious family portraits that will come after.


Couple Shoots

Whether at your home, down  the Mornington Peninsula at sunset or deep in the forrest of the Dandenongs you and your sweet heart can get some great pre wedding shots with our photographers. its great practise for your wedding day and simply nice to have photographic record of your engagement.

father daughter


Our wedding photographers pay the utmost attention to detail when it comes to your wedding day. This is why we include a consultation prior to your wedding. So we can capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. your wedding photography is the only thing you keep after your wedding day besides your marriage.


Family Portraits

From a mother and daughter together in a studio setting to the mum, dad and four kids rolling around in the grass, now is great time to create beautiful family portraits to adorn the walls of your home that will last for generations.

Natasha Baines



Natasha is our charismatic dreamer and driving force behind Natasha Kathlene Photography. Natasha’s passion for the arts is one she’s had since she was a little girl. She has studied both fine art and photography at many institutions over the years but most recently at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne.

Her true passion is people; she can pick a moment like no one else. Natasha's motto in life is “remember who you are and what you stand for” this reflects on everything she does.

"I became a wedding Photographer  because there is not enough in this world that supports marriage and families. I don't just want to shoot peoples weddings, I want to shoot their family portraits each year as their family grows. I want to create big images of love and put them on living room walls so everyone in that home has a daily reminder of whats important"