Why get family photos?

 They seem expensive and do they really serve any purpose?

YES! They sure do…

What better way to keep love and peace in your home than with a huge reminder of the people you love on the wall?  Growing up, we always had our family photos on the wall in the “formal lounge”

We got them every 3-5 years.  Somehow my sister always managed to get two portraits of her self up on the wall?

There have been many family nights at home where the conversation started with someone looking at one of the pictures hanging on the wall and saying. “Remember when you wanted to be a lawyer” or “remember when you shaved your head?” then the stories would fly, the teasing would start and everyone was in hysterics 20 minutes later.

 It may not seem like it has an effect but family pictures really do have a lasting effect on your family. It teaches your children of all the things you work towards and have acquired the thing you value most and put proudly on your wall is your family.

It teaches them they belong somewhere and always will.

It teaches them their value. At least, that is what it taught me.